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Watch The Immortal 1970 online: Episode 8 The Queen's Gambit

A woman's car breaks down near Ben as he stands hitchhiking. He fixes her car, then uses it to escape when he spots the ubiquitous black car nearby. The woman whose car he repaired is friendly, offering Ben a place to stay and a job. Too friendly, in fact, but Ben only realizes that after he is shot with a tranquilizer and whisked away to a remote country. The woman, he discovers, works for his captor. The younger but equally ruthless billionaire holding Ben (who is thought dead thanks to a staged car accident that Fletcher witnesses) wants to tap the immortality in Ben's veins. Ben tries to bribe one of the guards, but the guard turns up dead. Ben has only two people to turn to in hope for escape: the hematologist who performed the blood transfusion, and the woman who led him into the trap initially, but she admits to Ben that she has lied to him from the beginning.

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