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Watch The Immortal 1970 online: Episode 7 White Horse, Steel Horse

Ben, one of a number of hired laborers on a farm, witnesses a sheriff accidentally shot by a couple of workers who are upset over withheld wages. The farm owner organizes an ""Honor Posse"" to hunt down the men. Ben runs, not because he had part in the shooting but because he got word that Fletcher is nearby. The posse captures Ben and the man who shot the sheriff. The farm owner, a friend of the sheriff, implicates Ben in the crime because Ben worked on the getaway motorcycles just before the incident. When the sheriff dies Ben is charged with the murder, which temporarily keeps him out of Fletcher's hands. Ben's options are to allow Fletcher to take him from the posse and into Maitland's custody, or to face the angry posse leader who is more than happy to kill to ensure the dead sheriff receives ""justice"".

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