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Watch The Immortal 1970 online: Episode 6 Man on a Punched Card

Two engaged computer technicians serve as Fletcher's newest weapon in hunting Ben. They have developed a program that can analyze information about Ben and predict his next move -- with alarming accuracy. To the man Ben is nothing but statistics to feed into his computer so he can earn $1000 a day from Maitland Industries for his services. His finacee, however, leaves the project to help Ben escape from Fletcher. Her daughter is critically ill, so she offers to destroy the computer records on Ben and his brother in exchange for a transfusion to save her daughter's life. Fletcher searches her apartment and discovers this information. With the hospital surrounded, Ben has to trust the woman, the doctor whom Fletcher strong-armed for information, and the computer technician who feels his fiancee jilted him in order to escape from Fletcher and erase the database on Jason Richards.

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