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Watch The Immortal 1970 online: Episode 3 Reflections on a Lost Tomorrow

Dr. Walter Koster has spent 20 years researching his theory about the connection between hemoglobin and the aging process. Ben sees him on TV and gets a job at the clinic where Dr. Koster and his daughter, also a doctor, work. Ben believes that if Dr. Koster is successful Arthur Maitland will no longer hunt him, so he confides in the doctor about his blood. Dr. Koster attempts to synthetically reproduce the unique qualities in Ben's blood but the experiment fails. Frustrated and tempted by Maitland's offer of a multimillion dollar grant, Koster turns Ben over to Maitland. Koster's daughter, who has become romantically interested in Ben, seeks to help Ben escape from Maitlaind's men, who have Ben in a straight jacket and guarded in a locked office while Maitland prepares for his coveted transfusion.

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