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What is Clangers about?

Actors: regulars:, Michael Palin, narrator (UK), William Shatner, narrator (US),

Season 1 of Clangers

    Episode : Flying  
    Episode : Chicken  
    Episode : Music  
    Episode : Fishing  
    Episode : The Egg  
    Episode : The Hoot  
    Episode : Treasure  
    Episode : Goods  

Season 2 of Clangers

    Episode : The Cloud  
    Episode : The Egg  
    Episode : The Seed  
    Episode : Pride  
    Episode : Bags  

Season 3 of Clangers

    Episode : In A Spin  
    Episode : Holes  
    Episode : The Ball  
    Episode : Planty  
    Episode : The Game  
    Episode : Chairs  
    Episode : The Box  
    Episode : Snapper  
    Episode : The Wols  
    Episode : Blob  
    Episode : Things  
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