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Watch Gomorrah online: Episode The Immortals

While Daniele’s death may have caused bloodshed, Imma’s death leads to open warfare in the streets. So when the pavement reaches boiling point even Ciro has to flee to Rome with his wife and daughter. Both clans barricade themselves in their apartment bunkers, waiting for the enemy in a lethal stalemate. When squadrons of police arrive at the scene, it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back... Genny, now knowing, hunts down Ciro seeking justice for his betrayal but Ciro turns the tables once again. Ciro finally seizes the reins of power, especially with his old boss, Pietro Savastano, now officially turned mentally ill in solitary confinement. This is why they transfer him to the less guarded lunatic penitentiary. So much less guarded…

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