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What is Transporter: The Series about?
A former Special Forces operative is now a professional courier, managing to thrive in the seedy criminal business of ferrying goods and people with no questions asked. Based on the movie series.

Actors: Chris Vance as Frank Martin, Andrea Osvárt as Carla Valeri [ 1 ], Violante Placido as Caterina Boldieu [ 2 ], Mark Rendall as Jules Faroux [ ep 19+ ], François Berléand as Inspector Marcel Tarconi, Delphine Chanéac as Juliette Dubois [ 1 ], Charly Hübner as Dieter Hausmann [ 1 ],

Season 1 of Transporter: The Series

    Episode : Payback  
    Episode : Harvest  
    Episode : Dead Drop  
    Episode : Hot Ice  
    Episode : Sharks  
    Episode : Switch  
    Episode : 12 Hours  

Season 2 of Transporter: The Series

    Episode : Boom  
    Episode : Diva  
    Episode : T2  
    Episode : Chimera  
    Episode : Euphro  
    Episode : Trust  
    Episode : Endgame  
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