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Watch Primeval New World online: Episode Sisiutl

Two oil pipeline workers are killed offshore by what initially appears to be a giant sea serpent. Dylan is approached by Leo, a young cryptozoology enthusiast who's positive he's seen something remarkable in the water near his home. He believes the sea creature may be the inspiration for his people's legend of "Sisiutl." Evan goes with Mac and Toby to investigate an Anomaly that pinged their Detector grid, and they wind up crossing paths with Dylan and Leo. The Anomaly is underwater, right offshore from First Nations land that is being controversially developed for an expanded oil tanker loading facility. There are protestors of the construction, among them Leo's uncle Raymond, who comes under suspicion from Detective Harlow for the deaths. Dylan is torn between helping with the investigation, and a chance to get her old job and her old life back if she agrees to stop making waves. When the "sea serpent" turns out to be a Titanboa, a giant snake that can leave the water and become a threat on land as well, Evan and Dylan work together to turn its course and send it back toward the Anomaly.

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