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What is Mr. D about?
Failing to get his desired job in physical education, an unqualified teacher manages to fake his way into a scholarly position at a prestigious private school.

Actors: regulars:, Gerry Dee as Gerry "Mr. D" Duncan, Jonathan Torrens as Robert Cheeley, Lauren Hammersley as Lisa Mason, Booth Savage as Principal Callaghan, Bette MacDonald as Trudy Walsh, Naomi Snieckus as Bobbi, Darrin Rose as Bill,

Season 1 of Mr. D

    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : Exam Week  
    Episode : The Dance  
    Episode : Quiz Cup  

Season 2 of Mr. D

    Episode : The Crush  
    Episode : The Date  
    Episode : Slam Dunk  

Season 3 of Mr. D

Season 4 of Mr. D

    Episode : Mafia Dad  
    Episode : Lockdown  
    Episode : Bizarro  

Season 5 of Mr. D

    Episode : Out Cold  

Season 6 of Mr. D

    Episode : Episode 9  
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