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Watch Life After Top Chef online: Episode Let's Do Launch

In an attempt to further their fortunes outside of their restaurants, Fabio and Jacopo try to make a splash in the beverage biz with a VIP tasting of their new martini line. Spike delivers on his promise to bring investors to Jen's pop up, and makes a clutch appearance behind the grill. Overbooked and understaffed, Jen struggles to impress investors with the launch of her pop-up restaurant. But with an ambitious six-course menu and unfamiliar kitchen, Jen hopes she didn't bite off more than she could chew. It's the opening day of the Spence and Richard is more on edge than ever as he battles a packed house, his rookie staff, and a broken smoker. Can he live up to the diners' lofty expectations, or will his dream restaurant go up in smoke?

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