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In Southern Louisiana, the mosquito problem is so rampant and the annoying pests can get so big, the locals will often say the mosquito is the "state bird." Deputy Tom Arnold is called down the bayou to investigate a man disturbing his neighbors. The suspect, who is not a Cajun, is literally being driven crazy by mosquitoes and is trying the most outrageous methods to eradicate the annoying insects. Deputy Arnold tries repeatedly to get the suspect to give up the futile battle, but the man goes too far and puts the entire neighborhood in jeopardy. Deputy Keith Bergeron is dispatched to a creepy bayou mansion where a woman believes a noise in her attic is the haunting of the legendary "Lady Long Fingers." And Deputy Melissa "Catfish" Quintalencounters encounters the craziest Cajun she's ever met when she's dispatched to talk with a woman accusing her next door neighbor of poisoning her dog.

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