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What is The Dead Files about?

Genre: Nonfiction

Season 1 of The Dead Files

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Season 2 of The Dead Files

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    Episode : Tormented  
    Episode : Forgotten  
    Episode : Betrayed  
    Episode : The Beast  
    Episode : Possessed  
    Episode : Bloodlust  
    Episode : Violated  

Season 3 of The Dead Files

    Episode : Plagued  
    Episode : Dead End  
    Episode : Invaded  

Season 4 of The Dead Files

    Episode : Fractured  
    Episode : Assaulted  
    Episode : Demon War  
    Episode : Bound  

Season 5 of The Dead Files

    Episode : Deranged  
    Episode : Afflicted  
    Episode : Madhouse  
    Episode : Vengeance  
    Episode : Smothered  

Season 6 of The Dead Files

Season 7 of The Dead Files

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