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What is NFL Rush Zone about?
A young boy is given the superpowers of a Guardian in order to help the Rusherz protect pieces of a life force hidden at 32 football stadiums around the USA. Features animated versions of NFL players and coaches.

Actors: Malachi Cohen as the voice of Ish Taylor, Nika Futterman as the voice of Ash Reynolds, Johnny Yong Bosch as the voice of Troy Kang, Andy Aragon as the voice of Marty Stevens, Nicolas Roye as the voice of Ricky Cervantes, Ogie Banks as the voice of Tua Tupola [ 1-2 ], Marcus Griffith as the voice of Tua Tupola [ 3 ], Liam O'Brien as the voice of RZ6.0, Danielle Nicolet as the voice of Shandra Taylor, R. Lewis Blake as the voice of Matt Taylor, Troy Baker as the voice of Wild Card [ 2-3 ], Jesse Corti as the voice of Drop Kick [ 2-3 ],


Season 1 of NFL Rush Zone

Season 2 of NFL Rush Zone

    Episode : Team Up  
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