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What is Pit Bulls & Parolees about?
The largest pit bull rescue group in the U.S., the Villalobos Rescue Center, helps hundreds of dogs that were discarded, demonized or abused, frequently due solely to the reputation of their breed, as well as offering a fresh start to the many parolees who've been given jobs there.


    Episode : Aftershow  

Season 1 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Whiteout  
    Episode : Crisis  
    Episode : Sin City  

Season 2 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Unleashed  

Season 3 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : New Blood  
    Episode : Trapped  
    Episode : Burn Out  
    Episode : Cut Loose  

Season 4 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Face Off  
    Episode : Ghost Dog  
    Episode : Swamped  

Season 5 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

Season 6 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Dumped  
    Episode : Unleashed  

Season 7 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Scarred  
    Episode : The One  
    Episode : Low Rider  
    Episode : The Gift  

Season 8 of Pit Bulls & Parolees

    Episode : Redeemed  
    Episode : Unleashed  
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