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What is Transformers: Animated about?
Living machines from the planet Cybertron do battle with the help of a human girl who has gained the ability to heal them.

Actors: David Kaye as Optimus Prime / Lugnut, Bumper Robinson as Bumblebee / Blitzwing, Bill Fagerbakke as Bulkhead, Corey Burton as Megatron / Ratchet / Shockwave, Tom Kenny as Starscream / Scrapper / Isaac Sumdac, Jeff Bennett as Prowl / Mixmaster / Captain Fanzone, Tara Strong as Sari Sumdac,

Season 1 of Transformers: Animated

    Episode : Nanosec  

Season 2 of Transformers: Animated

    Episode : Velocity  

Season 3 of Transformers: Animated

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