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What is Heartland (Canada) about?
At a struggling ranch in the Alberta foothills, the Flemings take care of abused or neglected horses. Based on the novels by Lauren Brooke.

Actors: Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming, Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise "Lou" Fleming, Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett, Chris Potter as Tim Fleming, Graham Wardle as Ty Borden, Jessica Amlee as Mallory Wells, Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal, Kerry James as Caleb Odell [ 2 ],

Season 1 of Heartland (Canada)

Season 2 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Showdown!  
    Episode : Do or Die  

Season 3 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Miracle  
    Episode : The Fix  
    Episode : Spin Out  

Season 4 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Jackpot!  
    Episode : One Day  
    Episode : Lost Song  
    Episode : The River  
    Episode : Passages  

Season 5 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Cover Me  
    Episode : Trust  
    Episode : Aftermath  

Season 6 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Trial Run  

Season 7 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Best Man  
    Episode : Hotshot  

Season 8 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Faking it  

Season 9 of Heartland (Canada)

    Episode : Fearless  

Season 10 of Heartland (Canada)

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