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Watch Johnny Test online: Episode Return of Johnny'mon / Johnny Dukey Doo

Tiny'mon Crystal and Jade versions are coming out for Johnny's Game Droid and Johnny's the first to get one. He and Dukey go home to play, but Dad says no more video games until they play outside. Then - poof! - Dad disappears inside the game. DAD! Dad is lost in Tiny'mon land! Now the gang have to go inside the game and find Dad and that's when Blast Ketchup finds Johnny. He's been waiting for him since their last battle and this time he's ready for him. He's caught the most powerful Tiny'mon ever and he can't wait to use them on Johnny: Mymuttdog (Dukey) and Imhisdad (Dad.) / Cool! The town is tearing down the Porbelly Inn to build an outlet mall and Johnny and Dukey have a front row seat. Woo hoo - cranes and wrecking balls! Mr. Black and Mr. White are there. They think it shouldn't be torn down because it's an architechtural masterpiece and Mom and Dad are sad because they had their first date at the Inn. Whatever, Johnny and Dukey can't wait for the destruction! But just as the wrecking ball is about to hit the building - ahhhhh! Ghosts! They scare the crew away. The town is terrified! The SSGA is called in to investigate by the mayor. Susan and Mary say they will prove that ghosts aren't real. Even Gil wants to help, but what's with the neckerchief? They all head back to the Inn to catch a ghost but once there, they find lots of ghosts. What's going on?! In the end, it turns out that the ghosts were Black, White, the Mayor, Mom, Dad and Mr. Outlet - all with different reasons for wanting to scare people away and prevent the Inn from being torn down. Eventually, the Porkbelly Inn is restored and Mom and Dad go on a date. Yuck!

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