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Watch Johnny Test online: Episode Johnny Cart Racing / Johnny Smells Good

Johnny and Dukey ready themselves on the driveway on bikes. It's a race! First one to the Porkbelly Boat Launch is super champion of the world! On your marks, get set... Hey! The girls want to know what the boys are up to. It's a race! Hmmm, sounds like fun. Cut to the girls ready to race in super turbo go-karts. On your marks, get set - Hey! No fair. Johnny and Dukey only have bikes! Fine, the girls will give them one of the turbo go-karts. Awesome! This is gonna be the greatest race ever! Then, every time they're about to start, somebody else wants in: first Black and White, then the General. Wait, there's more! Mr. Mittens and Brain Freezer arrive to seek revenge on Johnny and see everybody about to race. Mittens always felt he had the "need for speed." Bling-Bling is in too, and if he wins Susan has to go out with him! Okay, now they are ready to start. Go! The race is full of turbo boosts, 4x4's, gulch jumps and a whole bunch o' cheatin. And the Porkbelly police chief is trying to shut them down. Who will win? Who will survive? It's a dash for the finish line that gives new meaning to "wacky races". / The girls have tried everything to get Gil's attention. Be it Gil-napping or cloning - nothing works! Johnny tells them the way to a Gil's heart is through his nose - he has a thing for smells. Hey, it's worth a shot. The girls test a perfect perfume on Johnny and Dukey that makes you irresistible by making you smell like a person's favorite thing. The girls start the testing with a very small spritz. Johnny and Dukey go off for the day it and it works pretty good: girls really like Johnny. In fact, everyone likes him at school - even Bumper! Lunch Lady gives him a special hamburger with cheese and Mr. Teacherman gives Johnny A's for no reason! Awesome. So, of course, Johnny has to push it and douses himself and Dukey with the stuff! That's when the good goes bad. Now they are being pursued by packs of girls, dogs, dog catchers and even a meteor. Uh-oh! They've got to wash this stuff off of them, and quick, before Porkbelly is destroyed by the meteor. The General, Black and White and the girls are on it: they lead the boys to Manure World. Well, at least the perfume smell is gone and the meteor turns around!

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