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Watch Johnny Test online: Episode Johnny Long Legs / Johnny Test in Outer Space

Trying to improve on human evolution, the girls revisit their "extra arms" theory and, of course, test it on Johnny. Puzhump! Johnny gets two extra arms and they work great! When kids make fun of him at school, he's able to beat them up because he's got extra arms! Then he starts to grow even more arms, a little fuzz and can even shoot webs - Dad freaks! He said "no human DNA experiments"! Dinner is in two hours and he wants a two-armed, non-hairy Johnny at the dinner table or they are all in big trouble. Then the big trouble really hits. When the girls try to reverse the experiment, Johnny is turned into a real spider! Oopsies. Johnny of course thinks this is cool! Especially the walking up walls and shooting webs part. That is until he's thrown into the yard and is vulnerable to the elements of the wild, like lawnmowers, birds and Bumper, who likes to capture spiders and feed them to his snake. In the end, Johnny is saved from the snake by Dukey Bat and returned to his normal self just in time for dinner. Well, his almost-normal self. Johnny barks and Dukey talks at the dinner table. Uh-oh! / Johnny and Dukey are wondering if there's life in space... to the Space Probe - the girls' final exam project. Susan and Mary tell the boys to bring back pictures and some plants. They finally reach Vegandon, a beautiful paradise. The Vegans and their leader Dark Vegan are welcoming and treat the boys to a fiesta. They get the pictures and plants and Dark Vegan even sends his daughter, Jillian, as an ambassador. Jillian tells them that her father is on his way with an armada to take over Earth's vegetation and water. Uh-oh. The gang tells Black and White, who tell the General, who tells the President. The President refuses to listen and is appalled that the General is listening to teenage girls and a flaming headed kid's advice on National Security! He immediately fires the General and Black and White. Now the armada is coming and the General is banned from Area 51.1! But not for long. Their job is to protect the world and that's what they're gonna do. They "borrow" some alien ships and with the kids, take on the Vegans.

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