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Watch Johnny Test online: Episode Johnny's Monkey Business / Johnny Bench

Johnny's got to make some money fast for the new Game Droid QS! So how will he get it? That's easy. When he sees the girls' monkey Lolo perform some amazing tricks he decides to "borrow" the monkey and rent it out for parties, to have it work a lemonade stand, a car wash and finally Johnny's own small circus. It works and Johnny's making a killing. The problem is when they sneak Lolo back into the lab, she's really tired and not performing her "trained" tasks (driving a car, cooking gourmet meals, reviewing TV sitcoms, etc) and the girls accuse Johnny of foul-monkey-play. While the kids argue about who needs Lolo more, Lolo gets fed up and decides to run away to the Porkbelly Wild Animal Park. The kids search for her and realize that they've taken Lolo for granted. They tell her she can stay at the Wild Animal Park and it looks like that's what's going to happen. That is until Lolo sees the other monkeys picking bugs out of their fur and eating slop. Suddenly the Test house doesn't seem so bad! / Thanks to Teacherman, Johnny's grades aren't good. He needs an "A" or it's summer school. Woodshop! That's an easy "A". Especially since Mr. Dullblade is the laziest, but best grading teacher in school! But when Dullblade cuts off his hand, they need an emergency substitute... Mr. Teacherman!?! He expects Johnny to work hard on the next assignment, a Wooden Bench! Johnny knows he's got to get an "A" so he buys a nice bench and even puts his name on another kid's nice bench, but Teacherman busts him everytime. Johnny can't beat Teacherman because the dude has it out for him! TO THE LAB! Johnny gets Susan and Mary to make the world's most amazing bench. A totally custom, low riding, cold drink dispensing, foot-resting, TV, turbo bench on wheels! It's the most amazing bench ever! Teacherman fails it and then, of course, the bench malfunctions, beats up Teacherman and goes on a rampage through the school. After the rampage ends, Teacherman explains - if Johnny just focused and did the work himself, he might actually make a nice bench. He does and with Teacherman's help Johnny gets an "A" and some self-confidence.

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