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As usual Johnny pulls the ol' "I saved you from the pound" on Dukey. He gets the last piece of pie and gets Dukey to jump in the pool to test the temperature. Then Dukey takes him on a tour of Dog-World, but Johnny's not thrilled - what's so great about sniffing another dog's butt?! Dukey points out that Johnny could never really understand the pleasure of butt-sniffing unless he were a real dog. To the lab! Using the girls' latest invention, the HumAnimal Converter, poof - Johnny's a dog, and the girls turn themselves into cute doggies to get close to Gil. Just as Johnny discovers all the great things about being a dog, he's kidnapped by Jody, the evil kid from hell. Dukey helps him escape but then Johnny-Dog, Dukey, Susan and Mary (who are now lions) get nabbed by Animal Control! Ahhhhh! Are they going to be taken to the pound for the big sleep?! In the end, Dukey saves Johnny and the girls from the pound, gets them back to the lab and zaps them back. Awesome! To celebrate they share a pie! But when there's one piece left Dukey grabs it. HEY! Johnny wants it. But hey again, he now appreciates Dukey and gives him the last piece of pie. Finally! / When Johnny learns about the legend of Johnny Appleseed, he wants to make his mark on the world by becoming a folk hero. Where better to start than school lunches? Johnny loves applesause because it's the only thing that can wash down the rest of the horrible food once the milk is gone. All the kids in school agree but Lunch Lady doesn't. Just to show them who's boss, she replaces applesauce with brussel sprouts. Ahhhh! With the help of the girls' plasma-blaster Johnny becomes the school folk hero with his very own song - Johnny Applesauce. He blasts heaping helpings of applesauce on lunch trays throughout the cafeteria and kids cheer! Johnny is a hero! But to Lunch Lady, Johnny Applesauce is public school enemy number one! She straps on every automatic cooking utensil she has and turns herself into a fighting machine - The Lunch Lady! It's a battle that gives new meaning to the words "food fight"! After a battle for the ages, or the apples, the Principal arrives. Johnny learns that you can fight the power in school with petitions and protest, Lunch Lady learns that kids tastes have changed and she can add more stuff to the menu. Hooray!

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