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Watch Johnny Test online: Episode Hoist the Johnny Roger / Johnny's Turbo Toy Force

Johnny and Dukey are playing pirate but they're not finding any treasure. So Johnny borrows the Turbo Tea House Time Machine to travel back in time to get pirate training from Blackbeard. But they end up on Nobeard's ship instead with a bunch of nerdy pirates. Nobeard is Blackbeard's sensitive brother, who really prefers working with animals, and he's treated very badly by Blackbeard. So it's up to Johnny, Dukey and the sisters to help Nobeard and his crew stand up to the mean, piratey Blackbeard and get his treasure back so he can open a pet shop. / Mr. Whack-O, owner of the Whatck-O toy company, is fed up with kids and just wants some peace and quiet, so he sends Robo-Pals to all of the children of Porkbelly. At first the kids are excited but very quickly they learn that the Robo-Pals are really Robo-Guards sent to imprison them. So now it's up to Johnny, Dukey and the girls and ultimately the Turbo Toy Force to figure out a way to get rid of the Robo-Dorks and save the kids of Porkbelly.

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