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What is Overhaulin' about?

Actors: regulars:, Chip Foose as Automobile Designer, Courtney Hansen as Co-Host, Chris Jacobs as Co-Host,

Season 1 of Overhaulin'

    Episode : Parts Guy  

Season 2 of Overhaulin'

    Episode : Body Off  
    Episode : Rustang  
    Episode : Blue Bird  

Season 3 of Overhaulin'

    Episode : Tuner Car  
    Episode : Snaked  
    Episode : Customs  
    Episode : Overlord  
    Episode : Overtime  
    Episode : Got GTO?  
    Episode : Hot Head  

Season 4 of Overhaulin'

    Episode : SEMA Show  

Season 5 of Overhaulin'

    Episode : Brushtang  

Season 6 of Overhaulin'

Season 7 of Overhaulin'

Season 8 of Overhaulin'

Season 9 of Overhaulin'

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