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What is Escaflowne about?

Actors: regulars:, Jocelyne Loewen as Hitomi Kanzaki, Kelly Sheridan as Hitomi Kanzaki, Kirby Morrow as Van Fanel, Brian Drummond as Allen Schezar, Ellen Kennedy as Millerna Aston, Paul Dobson as Folken Fanel, Andrew Francis as Dilandau Albatou, Saffron Henderson as Dilandau Albatou / Serena Schezar, Venus Terzo as Merle, Don Brown as Valgus Ganesha, Richard Newman as Emperor Dornkirk, Ward+Perry as Dryden Fassa, Michael Dobson as Gadeth, Scott McNeil as Gadhis, Terry Klassen as The Mole Man / Pyle,
Genre: Animation

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