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What is The People's Choice about?
Unheard by the other characters, Cleo the dog makes comments directly to the audience as a romance progresses between her master, a government naturalist, and the mayor's daughter, who gets him elected to the city council.

Actors: Jackie Cooper as Socrates "Sock" Miller, Patricia Breslin as Amanda "Mandy" Peoples, Mary Jane Croft as the voice of Cleo the Basset Hound, Leonid Kinskey as Pierre [ 1 ], Dick Wesson as Rollo Hexley [ 2-3 ], Margaret Irving as Auntie Gus, Paul Maxey as Mayor John Peoples, John Stephenson as Roger Crutcher [ 1-2 ], Addison Richards as J.B. Barker [ 3 ],

Season 1 of The People's Choice

    Episode : Pilot  

Season 2 of The People's Choice

    Episode : The Patsy  
    Episode : Boomerang  

Season 3 of The People's Choice

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