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What is Red Bull BC One about?
Red Bull BC One is an annual international b-boy (breakdance) competition organized by the energy drink company Red Bull. It is an individual (or 'one on one') b-boy competition (as opposed to a crew competition). The main event is a knockout tournament featuring sixteen b-boys, chosen for exceptional skills in the dance and good character, competing in one-on-one battles decided by a panel of five judges. 2007 was the only year in which the sixteen competitors were chosen systematically, via worldwide regional knockout tournaments, along with the prior year's top finishers as well as wild card selections.

Season 2009 of Red Bull BC One

Season 2010 of Red Bull BC One

    Episode 3: Battle 1  
    Episode 4: Battle 2  
    Episode 5: Battle 3  
    Episode 6: Battle 4  
    Episode 7: Battle 5  
    Episode 8: Battle 6  
    Episode 9: Battle 7  
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