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What is Devil's Trade about?
Four teenagers incur a streak of horrific events after buying into a supposed internet hoax. Devil's Trade aims to be a grounded, suspenseful, and disturbing series that will make viewers fear the idea of shopping on the internet. Keeping in tone with films like The Ring, the series follows the journey of these teenagers as they attempt to rescue themselves by uncovering the mystery behind the curse without ever breaking the rules. Devil's Trade delivers visceral scares on a believable level creating the atmosphere of a true story. Each episode, while moving the story forward, contains stomach-churning suspense and involves at least one jump scare or visceral and terrifying beat. In order to maintain a level of curiosity, each episode also plants an element of mystery that will be revealed in coming episodes.

    Episode 1: Trailer  

Season 1 of Devil's Trade

    Episode 3: Hanging  
    Episode 6: Sell It  
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