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What is Sexskolen about?
Anxious and a little shy couples are back to school, but this time they have to learn nothing more than SEX. Funny and entertaining course is better acquainted with each other within the framework of these young people. At the end of the course, however, a serious test awaits them with three celebrities to decide whether they have learned the lesson.

Genre: Documentary, Reality, Special Interest

Season 1 of Sexskolen

    Episode 1: Kemi  
    Episode 2: Fransk  
    Episode 3: Fysik  
    Episode 6: Drama  
    Episode 7: Geografi  
    Episode 8: Biologi  
    Episode 10: Sexamen  

Season 2 of Sexskolen

    Episode 3: Drama  
    Episode 4: Naturfag  
    Episode 5: Tysk  
    Episode 6: Anatomi  
    Episode 8: Geografi  
    Episode 10: Sexamen  
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