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Watch Daredevil Guardian Devil online: Episode 7 The Devils Demon

It is revealed the one responsible for the entire conspiracy is Mysterio. Before Daredevil can beat him senseless, Mysterio reminds him that he has the baby and it is inside an airtight chamber, with twenty minutes to live. He then begins to ramble on about all his accomplishments and how the world has not given him the recognition he deserved. The reason for his most recent ploy is revealed to be a tumor, and it was killing him, so he wanted a dramatic demise. He felt that Daredevil was like him, a second stringer and a worthy foe. So he created a scenario that would undo him. He revealed how he faked the virgin pregnancy and the girl's vision, how he drugged Foggy and framed him for murder and faked Karens positive HIV results. Daredevil no longer wants to listen, so he deactivates Mysterio's suit, but doesn't kill him like Mysterio wants and Mysterio kills himself. Daredevil then finds the baby and leaves the building.

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