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Watch Daredevil Guardian Devil online: Episode 4 The Devils Distaff

Daredevil is saved from being run over by Black Widow who is still taking care of the baby. However, Daredevil is confused and still believes the baby is evil, so he grabs it and throws himself off the building. He is not thinking straight and stops his fall and makes his way to the church where his mother is and passes out. When he wakes up he converses with his mother and she helps deal with his crisis of faith. He then talks to Karen, who tries to convince him to let her take care of the baby, but he remembers that he never told her about the baby and realizes the organization has gotten to her. When she tries to convince him that the baby is evil and it is responsible for her problems, Matt says it's not the baby's fault, but hers, and she leaves in tears. Then we flash to Bullseye accepting a deal to find the baby and cause as much damage where it is found and whoever was hiding it.

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