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What is Mahabharat Katha about?
MAHABHARAT KATHA Part II of this great epic contains portions and stories left out in Part I, so that tele-viewers all over the world can view without taking the trouble to read the voluminous work and get the complete message contained in the great epic. Story of Barbarik - grandson of Bhim and a great warrior who did not fight in the great battle for strategic reasons since Lord Krishna believed that his promise to his guru to fight for the weaker side could turn the tables on Pandavas. Ashwamegh Yagya to bring about peace and unity. Story of Veer Bahruvahan - Arjun's son who killed him in a battle. However, he was later revived by his step mother. All 15 volumes in this second part highlight the futility of war.

Season 1 of Mahabharat Katha

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