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Watch Judith Lucys Spiritual Journey online: Episode 2 Nothing

As a young theatre arts student in 1980s Perth, Judith's faith is diminishing rapidly. Dropping out of uni, she moves to Melbourne, becomes a stand-up comedian, abandons the church and finds a new religion - booze! She recalls with long-time friend and fellow comedian Greg Fleet how her love of drinking got to an unhealthy level, and how she'd tried to use boys and booze to fill the hole that was left when she gave up believing in anything. She heads off to a singles murder mystery night to see if finding a boy might still be the answer, and also catches up with another old drinking buddy, writer and performer Lily Bragge, a former heroin addict who turned her life around when she became, much to everyone's surprise (including her own) a born again Christian. Recalling how her own life and belief system hit rock bottom when her parents died, Judith talks to grief and loss educator Samantha Rennie about how ill-equipped most of us are to deal with death, and how different faiths help people cope. Judith's mother turned to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement as she stared down death, and Judith throws herself into the middle of a Charismatic prayer group to see what her mother found in it. She's welcomed whole-heartedly by the friendly suburban crowd, but she's thrown way out of her comfort zone when the congregation starts speaking in tongues.

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