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Watch Judith Lucys Spiritual Journey online: Episode 1 Genesis

Judith kicks off the series where her own spiritual journey began, reliving her baptism and introducing us to her parents, Ann and Tony Lucy (Andrea Powell and Colin Lane). She talks to parish priest and Catholic thinker Gerald Gleeson to try and find out how binding the contract was when her parents signed her up with God. Wondering how different her life might be today had she done what she wanted to at age 12 and become a nun, Judith spends time with a nun her own age, Sister Rebecca McCabe and her fellow Sisters of Mercy, and the experience is not what she expects. Struggling with the limitations and exclusions ingrained in the Catholic Church, she joins the service of rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy, who was removed from his posting at Brisbane's St Mary's church for, among other things, blessing same-sex marriages and allowing women to preach. Peter makes Judith an offer she can't refuse, but could this church provide the spiritual alternative that she needs? Or is Judith's relationship with the Catholic church like that of Bon Scott and AC/DC, where there's never going to be a reunion?

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