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What is My Father's Son about?
Ah Wai (Ha Yu) and Peter (Lau Dan) are half-brothers separated years ago due to Peter's mother (younger wife) jealous possession of their father. This eventually caused Ah Wai and his mother to live in poverty and his mother died waiting for their father to return. Ah Wai thus hates Peter and his mother very much. Ah Wai is a widow and has two sons, Ah Fatt (Stephen Chow) and Ah Hin (Lee Ka Sing), and marries Ah Kiew (Angelina Lo), whom initially misled him by claiming she's from a high-class family in Thailand. They eventually made up and the family was getting along well when Peter and his wife return from the USA. Peter has an affair with Chung Han and they both have a daughter, Chung Yi (Bonnie Law). Ying Ying (Cutie Mui) has been in love for years with Ah Hin, but Ah Hin is not interested in her. He falls in love with Chung Yi instead, who is in a dilemma after she finds out about Ying Ying. Ah Fatt likes to bicker with his neighbour Chor Yat (Sandra Ng), but later discovers he has feelings for her and things turn awkward when he tries to go after her. When Ah Wai received a notice of eviction, he has no choice but to move in together with Peter and his wife, and they both live under the same roof. Ah Kiew eventually become good friends with Peter's wife, Ellen and by chance, Ellen gets to know Chung Han and treats her as her buddy, not knowing about Chung Han's affair with her husband. Chung Han on the other hand, starts to feel guilty about her affair. How will things turn out? Will Ha Yu eventually forgives his brother Peter? Will Ellen finds out about Chung Han? Will Ah Fatt manage to court Chor Yat? Who will Ah Hin end up with?

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Season 1 of My Father's Son

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