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Watch Rescued Nation TV online: Episode 15 Denomination Separation

With the tens of thousands of denominations specifically within the Christian sects Shawn explains that denomination differences often branch off from baptism. The trio of hosts break down the details as Hernandes states "Don't we all believe in Jesus" Shameka responds some people do and some people don't. Some of these people make their own religions and make it convenient for what they believe in. Hernandes points out the once high profile Bishop Carlton Pearson's advocacy of homosexuality has the gay and transgendered community building up their PR Machine designed to impose their will you and I (Christians). We have to be mindful of these kinds of things now People believe Hear no evil,see no evil, speak no evil is in the bible and it's not. We are not to ignore these imposing issues on the church today. Shawn adds Carlton Pearson still has a chance to be redeemed. Even with churches being separated like the Catholic fighting against the Baptist, the Baptist fighting against the Methodist, this that and the Buddhist fighting against this. We know that worshiping idols is idolatry in the Christian community. The topic of marriage is brought up as well specifically that "if you are not happy in a marriage you should move on" which Hernandes disagrees with wholeheartedly after Shawn asks him.

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