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Rescued Nation TV's first music Video VJ show designed to be more engaging with the viewers has the host's asking for more interaction. Host Shawn A. Ward tells the viewers of more elements added to the show with the S.O.S. report, pick of the week, and Rescued Nation Kidz. This video show has the element of the viewer in mind to bring in their suggestions after the hosts first introduce their music picks. A refreshing look outside with Generald Wilson and the Fam "I will praise you" is the first title introduced as Hernandes Union's first music video pick of the week. Hernandes comments after the video "Sometimes we need to be refreshed when doing the work of the lord to help take you and lift you up through your day." Hernandes goes on to say he is very biased supporting St.Louis Gospel notably in this video because he sung as a background vocal for another of his Music Pick with St.Louis Area Fellowship Choir and the song "I have no Doubt" brought together by Levi "Too" King. With mutual agreement of two hosts against one on the set there are high fives between co-Host Shameka Greene and Shawn who state on thier Rescued radio Show Hernandes must be getting paid because he keeps promoting Amber Bullock. (Amber a contestant on BET's Sunday's Best) Shawn references "thou shalt not have no other God's before me" referring to his non-support of the TV program "Sundays Best" stating it's also a knock off of "American Idol" with whom Hernandes does support over and over specifically his friend Amber Bullock. Later Shawn states a lot of churches are getting away from Choirs by using praise teams and solo singers. He goes on to say if they have a Sunday's Best why not have a Choirs best as we need to push more choirs to come out and be apart of the industry.

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