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Watch Rescued Nation TV online: Episode 13 Rescued Grant

Host Shawn A. Ward explains that the information disseminated in this weeks episode is valuable to pastors, leaders, and business owners referring to grant money. Professional grant writer and business owner Maggie Hourd-Bryant discusses the non-profit and for profit dollar amounts and strategies that she has been apart of in writing grants for local businesses and churches. Hernandes adds that pastors can take grant money to fund the "kingdom" of God to do bigger and better things through this benefit that is available to ministries. Maggie explains how to Keep a separation of church and state where a church has two boards set up one dealing with church business and the other with non-profit business. She goes on to explain that establishing a mission and purpose is crucial to obtaining a grant. Maggie explains When the government gets involved all your books become scrutinized under regulations so it is important to have a non-profit board separate from the church or ministry to be successful and receive grant money.

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