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Watch Rescued Nation TV online: Episode 4 Reporting on Rescued Events

Host Shawn A. Ward asks Hernandes and the viewers why are we as Generation X acting so crazy in the world today by not disciplining our children. Growing up Shawn states he remembers growing up how parents used to pray for each other and also getting a whipping by his next door neighbors parents for getting in some trouble. Host Shawn A. Ward goes on to say sometimes when your dealing with a specific generation biblically we always want to hit people over the head with the bible. For example when Rescued Nation's group titled Operation go get 'em went out on the street ministry at the Central West end (St.Louis) we met a homosexual and that he said "I want to come to church, I want to be apart of the ministry, I want to sing in the choir, but everytime I come everybody always looks at me, they judge me, they talk about me then when I leave I feel worse than I felt when I first came in". Shawn A. Ward goes on to say that sometimes in the house of God we can be so judge-mental not understanding the generation. Now we are dealing with a whole different type of generation. When we were growing up younger in church homosexuals would hide themselves, we wouldn't know who the fornicators were, we wouldn't know those who were using drugs but now in the house of God we know because they expose it widely they open it up and don't care anymore wearing it like a garment. So now how do we attract people dealing with these issues into the house of God? Well it's time now for us to stop hurting our generation, our young people and our young adults and start dealing with them where their at right now. Somehow we have to capture a generation that's why Rescued Nation takes it to where these people are like the skating event, bowling event, laser tag event, and the Eddie James praise break events because we are going were they are. At the Fresh Fire event with Eddie James ministries in Carmi, Illinois an interview with Haley Broom speaks about how she was changed as an extremist notably a homosexual and restored into a new woman in Christ.

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