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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 10 10

Naz returns to Walford and tells Stevie she is on the run from her family. Her father and Ekin race into Walford while Stevie phones Asher, who is with Sol and their mother, to tell them to come to the flat as it could be Sol's last chance. Stevie lets Naz's father into the flat and he takes her out to the car and Stevie tells Naz she will save her. Asher and Sol arrive, and Asher asks Marlon if Sol can dance at the dance-off. Sol stops Ekin's car and Naz gets out and kisses Sol. Stevie tells Masood one day they will have tea before kissing him and leaving. Asher tells Sol he can dance. After Skolla's crew dances, Sol performs a solo routine and everyone cheers at how good he is. As they watch the dancing, Naz and her father hug. After Flawless perform a routine, Stevie says she loves a happy ending.

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