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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 9 09

Stevie ignores Olly's calls and checks the flat for safety violations. Her landlady, Roxy, arrives and Stevie asks to stay as she has the deposit, and tells Roxy she will contact the council about the violations, so Roxy agrees to let her stay. She asks Olly to come to the flat, and she ties him naked to a chair. She then humiliates him by giving him just a dress to leave in. Asher finds Sol sitting with their mother in hospital, and tells him he is better with his brother than his schizophrenic mother. However, Sol says Asher is the problem. Asher then tells Sol that he deleted the text message he sent Naz and that she loves him and he should do something about it. Naz packs her backs at home to go to Turkey, but as her father comes to get her, he finds she has escaped through a window.

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