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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 8 08

Olly barges into the flat and Stevie gives him the deposit but he says he has already given notice and they have to leave the next day. After Olly and Asher leave, Stevie pretends to swallow the key to the door so Sol and Naz cannot leave. Asher sells stolen trainers to Whitney, and ignores Sol's calls. Whitney later tells Asher the trainers are different sizes and demands her money back. Jane says he did the same to her to her step son and snatches his wallet, taking a wad of cash, but Asher snatches it back. Jane then tells two police officers he is a thief and they chase him. Asher hides and Fatboy tells him that things will catch up with him. Naz reveals she is going to Turkey to meet Ekin's family and Sol, still angry with her, says she can stay there. Stevie pretends she needs to use the toilet and leaves Sol and Naz alone. They almost kiss when Asher comes in drunk. Stevie emerges and Sol goes to leave, and Stevie drops the key. She explains she wanted Sol and Naz to work things out. Sol leaves in anger and Stevie tells Asher he should be more of a friend to his brother. Outside, the police officers stop Sol and ask him where Asher is.

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