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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 7 07

Sol and Naz wake up having spent the night together. Sol leaves to go to dance rehearsals but sees Asher and Naz talking. Stevie wakes up in bed with Pippa and tries to hide the fact she is there from Asher. Olly bursts in saying he has to let the flat go as he wants his deposit back. Stevie asks for a day to find it for him. Back in the bedroom, Pippa hides when Naz comes in, but Naz sees her foot. Skolla is impressed with Sol's dancing, and Asher arrives late. Naz turns up to watch and Asher returns her necklace. Sol sees this and asks Naz what he gave her. Naz leaves but Sol follows, and she reveals the necklace, saying she made a mistake with Asher that meant nothing. She denies receiving a text message from Sol. Pippa writes Stevie a cheque to pay for the deposit, tells Stevie she is very sexy and asks her to call her, before leaving. Sol punches Asher in the face in the market, saying his brother has betrayed him. A fist fight breaks out, which is split up by the dance crew. Skolla then asks Sol and Asher not to return and reveals Asher bought Sol's place. Sol returns home but his neighbour tells him his mother was taken away.

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