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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 6 06

Sol returns but is off with everyone and he insults Naz. Naz and Asher leave and go clubbing, and Asher hides Naz's phone when Sol texts her an apology. They get drunk and after Naz finds drugs in the toilet, they end up having sex. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to persuade Sol to go out by breaking the television, however, the electricity in the flat goes off. As they try to fix it, they manage to cause a blackout of the entire neighbourhood. Naz then phones Sol and he and Stevie go to find her. Stevie meets Pippa in the club and they become friendly, and Sol finds a drunken Naz, who Asher has left on her own. He takes her home on the tube and apologises for his earlier behavior, but he will not kiss as she is drunk. He then explains that Ekin put images of Naz and Asher in his head. As they hug, she looks worried.

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