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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 1 01

Stevie and her boyfriend Olly have sex in their Walford flat but he dumps her afterwards and leaves. Asher and Sol are made homeless and Asher sees Stevie crying in Albert Square. Naz argues with Fatboy about a fake ID he made for her, and a fight breaks out, ending with Leon punching Sol in the face. Stevie invites Asher back to hers and asks him to move in. Naz returns home but hears her father shouting so leaves. Asher, Sol and Fatboy attend a dance audition at the community centre, but Sol messes up and leaves, meeting Naz outside. Asher joins them and they return to Stevie's flat, who says she does not mind them all staying with her. Asher returns to the community centre and offers money for Sol to be put through, and Skolla accepts when Asher offers him a watch. Fatboy sees this, and Asher tells him he did not see it, threatening him with a knife, and revealing a stab wound on his abdomen. After Fatboy leaves, Asher bins the knife.

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