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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 12 12

Mercy and Fatboy watch Leon's fight, where Fatboy says he has arranged a party for their last day in the flat and advertised it on the Internet. He says he has to go and gives Mercy a flash drive with the completed website project on it. Zsa Zsa is at her father's grave but returns to Albert Square to find Leon. Mercy finds the flat full of people and Leon turns up and is upset that Zsa Zsa is not there and was not at the match. Zsa Zsa goes to the community centre where Coach Roberts tells her Leon has already left. Leon goes outside and Zsa Zsa finds him and he tells her he won the fight and they kiss. Mercy and Fatboy join them just before the police turn up to stop the party. Fatboy invites the other three to stay at his house so they walk off. They find a milk float, which Fatboy hotwires and Zsa Zsa, Leon and Fatboy drive it away, while Mercy says she is going home to her grandmother.

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