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Watch EastEnders E20 online: Episode 2 02

After spending their first night in the flat, Mercy has 12 unanswered phone calls from her grandmother. Worried that her grandmother will not fund her university place, she takes Fatboy to a bible class to help with ideas for the website, but he decides to leave when he sees Benjamin, the church's youth minister. Zsa Zsa wakes up and dumps Leon's things outside as she wants the flat to herself. She leaves the keys inside and gets locked out. Fatboy and Mercy return, and Fatboy sees Lucy and comes up with a plan. Mercy acts drunk in front of Lucy, and Leon asks for Lucy's help to get Mercy into the caf. Lucy drops her bag and Fatboy takes the keys, throwing them to Zsa Zsa. On her way back to the flat, Zsa Zsa bumps into Heather Trott and recognises her baby George. In the caf, Fatboy flirts with Jane Beale before Zsa Zsa returns Lucy's keys to her bag while she is in the toilet

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