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What is Naked Britain about?
This three part series follows Dr Jack Lewis as he travels the breath and length of Britain to see if Blighty really is as prudish and squeamish as our stuffy-nosed international reputation suggests. That isn't to say Dr Jack is a bastion of hippy, free-loving, 'get-your-kit-off' exhibitionism though and he's forced to not only attempt to make the great British public open up about their bodies, but confront his own prejudices along the way. This light-hearted, highly amusing series sees Dr Jack explore the world of naturism, the relationship between nudity and art, and the seemingly geneological nationalistic inherency of finding everything nudey very very naughty. As Jack himself says: Nudity is such a complex subject. When youre a kid, you have no inhibitions, but then puberty happens and the shyness kicks in. Britain also makes an unwavering connection between nudity and sex. Scandinavian countries are more open-minded, and are able to separate non-sexual nudity from the sexual. The British cant, its the Victorian hangover. Right, who's up for a bit of streaking then?

Genre: Documentary, Reality

Season 1 of Naked Britain

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