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Watch Kalgoorlie Cops online: Episode 6 Episode 6

Runaway: Constable Alecia Huxleys heart goes out to a young girl who has gone missing from her home. She tracks the girl down and looks after her while she finds a place for her to stay. Tegan & Robs Night Patrol: Tegan Mills and Rob Malcolm are on night patrol in the suburbs. They investigate a call about intruders in an abandoned house, go to an assault where the victim is a large tough nut who is usually the assaulter not the victim - but who claims hes changed his ways, and finally to an emergency where a child has called the police to report that her father is threatening her mother with a knife. Drug Disposal: Constable Kyran ODonnell is on a special assignment today. Hes disposing of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs and its all going up in one big cloud of smoke at the local tip. What Men Want: BJ the hooker from The Pink House has seen everything when it comes to the wild characters in Kal. She shares some of her more colourful tricks of the trade. Post Office Fire: Constables Steve Ennard and Gerry Rafferty are at a fire at the post office. Its a race against time to get the local postmaster out of bed and down to the post office to open the door, so the fire fighters dont have to axe it down and add to the already high damage bill. Campers Search and Rescue: Sergeant Dave Taddic heads up a land and air search and rescue team to find a young couple who have been missing in the desert for three days. Its a race against time to find them in the vast desert after dark.

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