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Watch Kalgoorlie Cops online: Episode 5 Episode 5

A Constable and a Gentleman: Constable Rob Malcolm pulls over a couple of P-Platers who have been out partying and broken the curfew and books a bloke for illegal modifications to his car but in the nicest way possible. Runaway Sisters: Constable Tony Fletcher tracks down two teenage sisters who have gone out partying and failed to come home at by 3 am. The younger girl spins a web of lies that has Fletch running around the suburbs of Kal until dawn searching for her wayward sister. The Croc Dundee of Kal: Sergeant Dave Taddic gives us insights into his life as an army bloke turned copper. Dave is in charge of weapons training and tactical response in Kalgoorlie. Hes also the bloke you want on your case when you get lost in the bush. Hoon Patrol: Constable Alecia Huxley spots a car hooning out on the Goldfields Highway and chases him down. Taleahs Joust: Taleah Moult gives us a female coppers perspective on carrying weapons and patrolling the wild weekends on Hannon Street. The joust team help the bouncers at the Palace Hotel where the punters are out of control. One bloke is arrested for fighting and another who has been ejected from the pub is arrested for resisting police. The bloke is a large unit and it takes five cops to get him into the paddy wagon.

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