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What is *DUPLICATE* Love & Hip Hop about?
Being a part of the hip-hop world can be a glamorous life -- but this world comes with a high price. VH1's new docu-soap series "Love & Hip Hop" follows four women who share one common bond: their connection to the hip-hop world...through their men and their careers. This 8-part series captures the struggles of Chrissy and Emily, who both date rappers and must navigate their relationships while still maintaining a sense of self. Somaya and Olivia are both recording artists trying to break through in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. These four women struggle against shifting loyalties, family drama and the pressures of trying to make it in the hip hop game. Through Chrissy's POV we experience the world of a rap star's significant other. Chrissy's been there during the past six years of Jim Jones' tumultuous life. She's been his rock. Now where's hers? Things are touch and go, as she must also contend with the other woman in Jim's life... Mama Jones! How will Chrissy navigate these minefields? Chrissy is a hustler at heart and though she wants to stick it out with Jim, her time is running out. She'll be the Bonnie to another Clyde if it's not going to be Jim. Jim better wake up soon because Chrissy will get hers one way or another. Somaya is the new girl in town and she plans to take NYC by storm! The West Coast chic is full of ambition and is striving for the opportunity to showcase her rapping skills. Will this real life Jessica Rabbit compromise her ideals and use her sexuality to get put on? Her grind is bound to get her attention, but can she handle the cruel gaze of the haters? Emily lives her life behind closed doors. She is rapper Fabolous' girlfriend and the mother of their two year-old son...a fact not many people know. To most, she's known mainly as Fab's stylist. Emily never walks the red carpet with him and he never publicly claims her as his girl...maintaining his image as the eternal bachelor. She has waited eight years for things to change but will Fabolous ever be marriage material? Emily is desperate to change this harsh reality and Chrissy and Olivia try to break down her situation to help her get out from under Fab's spell! Olivia is the antithesis to Emily and Chrissy...she is a true female playa, with a preference for high profile athletes.. A former member of 50 Cent's G-Unit, Olivia is a talented singer now trying to make it on her own. She must fight to overcome the industry perception that she can only sing hooks for other rappers. These women want it all - a fabulous life, successful career, and a loving family... but will Chrissy and Emily's men ever be ready to commit? Will Olivia get a deal? Will Somaya make it in the big city?

Season 1 of *DUPLICATE* Love & Hip Hop

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    Episode 5: A Voice  
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